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Safety Installations

We at Aupa Electric, strive to keep your home and family safe from all kinds of electrical accidents. We offer a wide range of safety installations including smoke detectors, surge protectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and more.


Our GFCI outlets ensure that electrical outlets are free of moisture and thus protect your family from electric shocks. The surge protectors that we install ensure that sudden electric spikes are duly rerouted to the ground, safeguarding your appliances from electrical damages. While our smoke detectors alert you against electrical fires, Aupa Electric’s carbon monoxide detectors make sure that your family always breathes clean air free of carbon monoxide contamination. 


We have a vast network of certified and experienced electricians in Toronto for all your electrical safety installations. They conduct all the assigned tasks perfectly, ensuring that your residential electrical requirements are met satisfactorily.

Our safety installation services include:
Safety Installations
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  • // GFCI Outlets
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Aupa Electric was established on March 1st, 2017 in Toronto, and is now located in Windsor, ON. We provide electrical installation, maintenance, and management solutions in Windsor and nearby areas. We have a dedicated team of electrical experts whose core strength lies in providing innovative electrical solutions. Our culture is based on the safety, quality, and needs of our consumers. We understand the importance of different strokes for different folks so we always aim to provide custom electrical solutions to all our clients.