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At Aupa Electric, we understand the need to enhance the electrical capacity of your home to adapt to the ever-changing consumption of electricity in day-to-day life. Many older constructions in and around Windsor are not equipped with an electrical system that can handle the load supply required to run modern appliances. That’s why our residential electricians in Windsor specialize in offering electrical service upgrades to boost outdated power supply networks. 


If the electrical capacity of your home is 50 - 100 amps, you might face issues of overloading and fuse tripping when you use multiple electrical appliances at once. To resolve such issues, an electric service upgrade is necessary. We, at Aupa Electric, work with some of the most talented residential electricians in Windsor who have the experience of upgrading home electrical systems by installing a 200 amp panel.


If you book a service upgrade appointment with us, our highly skilled residential electricians in Windsor will assess your home’s existing power handling capabilities, analyze your current needs, estimate the future electricity consumption trends, and then perform the upgrade accordingly. Our in-house team of electricians is well-trained in installing electric panels to ensure no fuse breakers are overloaded.

Our electrical upgrade services include:
Electrical Upgrades
  • // Fuse to Breaker Panel
  • // Service to 100, 200, 400 Amps
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Aupa Electric was established on March 1st, 2017 in Toronto, and is now located in Windsor, ON. We provide electrical installation, maintenance, and management solutions in Windsor and nearby areas. We have a dedicated team of electrical experts whose core strength lies in providing innovative electrical solutions. Our culture is based on the safety, quality, and needs of our consumers. We understand the importance of different strokes for different folks so we always aim to provide custom electrical solutions to all our clients.